Krusenhof’s poplars still nod a friendly welcome

Two weeks ago, Kerstin and I visited the city museum in Norrköping. One special exhibition just happened to feature historical buildings threatened to be demolished. And when we walked in, we happened upon a seminar about conserving Sweden’s cultural heritage. Both the exhibition and the talk included Krusenhof, the estate where Augusta’s best friends and neighbors had lived.

Sadly, the Krusenhof mansion, orangery, pavilion, and several other buildings on the property are listed as threatened (Swedish: hotad) to be demolished. However, these buildings only date from the turn of the century and had already replaced the buildings that were present during Augusta’s time. So, what could we still see that was there during Augusta’s time? Trees? Would there still be an orchard?

The next morning, we set off to visit Krusenhof. We tried to envision arriving in a carriage under the tall poplars that Augusta had described as nodding a welcome to the visitor. And yes, there were tall poplars shading a carpet of blue Scilla.

We took a walk down some overgrown terraces to what would have been a lawn. And there stood a single, very old tree. From the dry leaves on the ground, we guessed that it was a linden tree.

A solitary Linden tree on the lawn of Krusenhof

A solitary linden tree on the lawn of Krusenhof

On the other side of the lawn was a beautiful little forest with some blue and purple anemones and violets. There was also an ancient, giant oak tree.

And then we came upon the forgotten orchard. The trees were untrimmed and covered with lichens, but the branches had plenty of little leaf buds. We took a little branch with a bud and 2 weeks later it was blooming – a memory of Krusenhof!


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2 responses to “Krusenhof’s poplars still nod a friendly welcome”

  1. Pia O Tember says:

    Underbara Krusenhof. Jag åker ofta dit och har picknick på gräsmattan. Skam om man river byggnaderna. Här har vi historia och kultur. Här finns många berättelser, väl värda att berättas för eftervärlden.

    • Sara Azzam says:

      Visst är det synd. Hoppas Krusenhof kan rustas upp så att alla kan ha glädje av det. Det är säkert fint där på sommaren med!

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